YG, Cardi B Dismiss Death Threats Ahead Of Concerts

It looks like YG is guaranteeing Cardi B's personal safety in LA.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B will proceed with three planned concerts in Los Angeles in spite of receiving threats from local gang members.

Last week, the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker caused uproar after posting a snap of herself wearing a royal blue fur coat on Instagram.

"I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin (sic)," she captioned the photo.

The term "flue" is used by Los Angeles gang The Bloods, who commonly substitute it when using the word "blue," as to not so much as utter the symbolic color representing their rival gang, The Crips.

Even after removing the caption and disabling the comments, Cardi was still on the receiving end of death threats.

But according to editors at TMZ.com, Cardi will play her scheduled gigs at Los Angeles nightclubs next week though her security staff is being increased.

Compton rapper YG, who is a known Piru Blood gang member, co-signed Cardi B and guaranteed her safety.

"The homegirl straight," YG said. "She get love. She gets love from me, know what I'm saying."

Bosses at the Murano, Penthouse, and Ace of Diamonds clubs have also reportedly held emergency meetings to discuss the threats, and are investigating how best to control the crowds.

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YG ain't running the streets like that. If she already paid that tax then she might not have problems. Other than that them young crips ain't hearing that lol they trying to get that name popping


L.A. Crips already bang on YG at his concerts at the beginning of his career..plus he is from Compton not L.A. big difference