YG Drops Another Classic Protest Anthem With "FTP (F*ck the Police)"

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Compton rapper YG released an exclusive new single in the wake of the brutal death of George Floyd.

(AllHipHop News) People have been asking “where are the protest songs from the Hip-Hop community?”

While the spoken word pieces and Instagram freestyles are epic and they have their place in the movement, where are the Public Enemy-NWA-like authority checkers that are challenging policing with a backdrop production worth banging out your truck?

That is now answered by California rapper, YG who recently released his version of the classic anti-establishment rap song, “FTP (F*ck the Police).” 

The rapper dropped the song a week after the death of George Floyd and the country’s most disruptive weekend in decades, where cities were on fire with civil unrest as a result of police-involved violence.

He announced that he could not wait on the label to drop the song and that for safety reasons, he will not be asking his fans to gather on Hollywood and Vine to protest. Instead, he is planning with the Black Lives Matter movement to secure a safe and purposeful demonstration.

He said, “I’m not trying to get none of my people hurt or shot so I’mma cancel the date,” he said. “It’s fucked up but I’m gonna come back bigger and better. I’m partnering with Black Lives Matter and we gonna do this shit the right way. For the people, for the city, and for all the artists that wanna pop out and participate.”

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