YG Offers Up Support To Meek Mill In "Free Meek" Video

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper YG is lending his voice and support to rapper Meek Mill.

(AllHipHop News) Compton rapper YG is the latest artist to offer up some support to Meek Mill.

YG just dropped the new tribute video to Meek titled Free Meek.

The 1:33 minute tribute video makes YG's position on the criminal justice pretty clear - he does not support.

Take a look at the visuals for YG's new single free Meek the love

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We DON'T Feel Sorry for the weak meek RAT & all you LAMES cryin' about this btch who had second, third & fourth chances & STILL fcked up is pathetic! The 'L KING' keeps losing, you act like he was a 'perfect citizen', YG may be next, all the Stupid Sht he's doing.... not 'fre meek, but FCK MEEK!


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