Ying Yang Explains Origins Of 'The Whisper Song'

For those wondering how the Ying Yang Twins conceived their inventive

single "Wait (The Whisper Song)," member D-Roc recently explained the

origin of the song and the remix that has been heating up airwaves.

"In the club it is very unattractive to yell in [a woman's] face, but when

you whisper in her ear it turns her on," D-Roc told AllHipHop.com.

Once he came up with the initial concept, the single was born after a label executive

advised the Atlanta rap duo to whisper the entire song, said D-Roc.

But as much as the single has gained popularity, the remix has garnered even more

attention, particularly due to the sassy rhymes of BET "106 and Park"

host Free, whose inclusion on the remix seemed evident, according to D-Roc.

"I told [the label] how hype she was about the song," the rapper said.

"Free did her thing. I wish we could do a video to it just so I could see

what Free would wear. I think everybody would want to."

And despite the unconventional antics the Twins typically exhibit in front of

the camera, D-Roc insisted that in reality he and his partner Kaine are just as

sane as the rest.

"I am a character. Will Smith plays, when he's in a movie, a character. But

when you see him, he's Will Smith," explained D-Roc. "Outside of Ying

Yang, this [is] my job. When you see me I'm a grown man. Like Cedric the Entertainer

said, 'I'm a grown man, dawg.'"

The Ying Yang Twins' latest album U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta ) recently

debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Charts, and a music video for

their second single "Badd" featuring Houston rapper Mike Jones was released

just this week.