Yo Gotti Addresses Alleged Feud With Young Dolph, Reveals His Last Text To The Rapper

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The 'Rake It Up' rhymer speaks on the so-called "beef" with his fellow Memphis native.

(AllHipHop News) "They wanted me to f-ck with them so bad when I first came in the game,” explained Young Dolph about his issues with Yo Gotti. Dolph also told Fader, "Because they knew I had this money, they knew I had a campaign, they knew what I was getting ready to do just like I knew."

Apparently, that was part of the initial cause of the rift between the two Memphis rappers. Gotti was asked about the supposed beef during his sit down with The Breakfast Club.

"I don't got no issue," said the "Rake It Up" rhymer. "It probably was the second or third time I've been up here and said the same thing. I ain't got no issue."

He also added, "You got some artists who want street credit. They market street credit. They take certain incidents to turn it into marketing to boost their sales. You never see me speaking on that. I'm trying to stay away from it... I really don't think homie got no issues. I just think it's marketing."

Gotti admitted that he worked with the self-described King of Memphis at one point and even gave him advice on how to build his brand. The creator of the forthcoming I Still Am album later had Charlamagne Tha God read the last text he sent to Young Dolph on August 24, 2012.

Charlamagne read:

That's how you gotta approach this sh-t homie, just gotta stay down and make the right decisions and you can when big my n-gga. You in a good space in Memphis but you gotta take that sh-t from there to the world and it's gonna turn into money. I like your grind, my n-gga. When I was in your position, none of the niggas that could have helped me did. Our city f-cked up, homie. And I'm trying to stop letting history repeat itself and show n-ggas we can get money together and everybody be on some boss sh-t. Cause I gotta make sure, no matter what happened, homie, I did my part to help anybody I thought could really go the distant. And you're one of those n-ggas, homie. And even better, you got your own movement and vision. You just need a real support system. Not any support system, but one that understands what you is and where you're trying to go and how to reach the people you need to reach.