Yo Gotti Fights To Save His Fortune From Rapper Who Won $6.6 Million Judgment

AllHipHop Staff

Yo Gotti's lawyers are in court to defend their superstar client's wealth.

(AllHipHop News) Yo Gotti's lawyers are attempting to have a $6.6 million default judgment against the rap star vacated.

Yo Gotti's lawyers claim their client was never properly served with a lawsuit filed against him by Stack Money Empire and their artist Young Fletcher, who won the huge award in May.

Young Fletcher and Stack Money Empire say they forked over $20,000 for an exclusive verse by Yo Gotti.

But they never signed the proper agreements with Yo Gotti which would have allowed them to commercially release the verse Young Fletcher recorded.

Instead of signing the paperwork, the CMG boss presented Young Fletcher with a deal of his own, worth $150,000. When Young Fletcher rebuffed the deal, Yo Gotti allegedly recorded the exact same verse in question for another track.


Yo Gotti failed to respond to Young Fletcher and SME's lawsuit and as a result, he was smacked with a $6.6 million default judgment for engaging in unfair and deceptive trade practices.

In the latest round of court action, Yo Gotti's lawyers say a member of Gotti's security who was not authorized to accept the legal paperwork on his behalf was the one who received the lawsuit, and he was never told to hand the documents over to the rapper.

The rapper's lawyers also argued that Yo Gotti did not intentionally mean to defraud Young Fletcher of SME. They also say there was no reasonable justification for such a large verdict against Yo Gotti.

The next court date over the matter is slated for June 24.

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This dude stole every song he ever put out

No. 1-3

how does a 20k verse, a 150k deal end up costing you 6.6 million!?