Yo Gotti's Rapper 42 Dugg Busted For Illegally Firing Weapons At Gun Range

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Rapper, 42 Dugg, is being held without bond for shooting a gun inside of a shooting range in Atlanta.

(AllHipHop News) A young rapper out of Detroit is being held without bond by the Feds after getting arrested for a hefty gun charge.

42 Dugg, whose real name is Dion Marquise Hayes, was scheduled to perform when the authorities came to lock him up.

According to The Detroit News, the rapper is being held without bond in connection to an anonymous call made last year in November, to agents at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

The tipster told them that 42 Dugg had fired off a weapon while he was inside of Stoddard's Range and Guns in Atlanta, despite not being allowed to even touch one.

That is because 42 Dugg was convicted in 2010 of carjacking and felony firearms possession.

This is why you have to watch who is around you. Once the agents got word that homeboy was at the range, they went and watched the surveillance tapes and the range records that showed that the rapper was there.

According to The Detroit News, 42 Dugg is being represented by a court-appointed lawyer.

No word as to if he will be able to perform on the 15th at the "March Badness" concert at Little Caesars Arena where rappers Yo Gotti, DaBaby, Kash Doll and others will be performing.

42 Dugg is signed to Yo Gotti's CMG imprint in collaboration with Lil Baby's 4PF label. 

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I know that rappers always have problems with guns. This is okay LOL. However, I think they should be careful and buy weapon lights on https://www.agmglobalvision.com/laser-illumination/weapon-lights if they need them. I know that they are of high-quality there.

Bill 50
Bill 50

When You In Da Streets These Industry Fags A Dry Snitch To Get You Out Da Way #facts


"This is why you have to watch who is around you" or you could just no carjack people and get caught with an illegal weapon...no carjacking, no legal issue here...


Someone Snitched on his Dumb Ass & that concert will probably be canceled! Thanks to the Coronavirus!!!