Young Buck And 50 Cent Launching G-Unit South

G-Unit’s Young Buck and 50 Cent have elected

to jumpstart G-Unit South Records in an effort to expand the gangstas’ business

properties below the Mason Dixon line.

For Buck, the move is as much personal as it

is business, he said.

“I want to see more artists from where I

am from get into the game as well as other artists that just deserve something

else, so you will hear something from G-Unit South Records,” Buck revealed

to “That’s officially 50 Cent and Young Buck. Its going

to be coming to a hood near you. That’s real.”

Buck said that the label was something the two

were developing because their plans for it went beyond a logo deal, where a

major label markets and distributes the releases- and owns the masters- in return

for slapping the logo on the album artwork.

“The goals would be to sell units and to

establish myself as a company for the long-term business, not one of them cats

that just comes and go,” Buck said. “I want longevity. I love the

music before the money so I got a real heart for the s**t.”

While Buck said that he is focused on promoting

his album, he already has an artist in mind that could potentially be the first

signing to the G-Unit South label.

“I got a homey that I started with by the

name of D-Tay,” Buck continued. “That will probably be the first look

that I have as far as the label is concerned because he is me in a sense, another

version of Buck. He’s seen the same things I’ve walked through. He’s

got the same quality skills that I bring to the table.”

Not content with just a new label, Buck said

that he was considering a move into the automotive world.

“I like cars a lot so I think I want to

get my own rim. I want to see that go down.”

As a member of G-Unit, Buck has enjoyed luxuries

like high-end guest spots, a chart-topping album, a clothing line and a sneaker

collection through Reebok.

Young Buck’s solo album Straight Outta

Cashville drops July 27.