Young Buck Breaks Down In Taped Convo with 50

On the heels of his defiant claims of “f*ck G-Unit!” at a concert last weekend, a leaked phone conversation with 50 Cent shows a decidedly different Young Buck, as the Nashville MC pleaded with 50 to remain in the group.

The disturbing, undated conversation finds a clearly rattled Young Buck attempting to assure 50 that he would never verbally disparage him in public like “Game, [Bang ‘Em] Smurf or none of them n***as.”

Buck goes on to acknowledge that he has fallen “off track” and expresses his fear that 50 will “dismember” him from the “family.”

Buck further explained that his business moves, such as his fledgling label, were pursued in hopes of making 50 happy.

A stoic 50 Cent rhetorically asks Buck “didn’t I give you the idea (for the label)?”

He then advises Buck that “you’ll be alright” after the former G-Unit solider apparently disclosed delinquent debts to the IRS.

“A n*gga just gets confused,” Buck lamented on his tax issues. “You got to be able to stay closer to me, Buck,” 50 instructed. “That way you won’t f**k up…Tony’s (Yayo) been the safest one. You know why? He’s been staying closer.”

50 assured him that the issues would work out as Young Buck appears to burst into tears over his money issues and strains within the G-Unit camp.

The private conversation was leaked earlier today through 50’s website

The reputed 16 minute conversation then appeared on Hot 97 personality Miss Info’s website under the title “The Self-Etherization of Young Buck Part 1 and 2.”

Young Buck’s problems with his former group began in 2007 when Buck attempted to initiate a truce with bitter rival and former G-Unit member The Game.

The issues were exacerbated when Buck denounced band mate Tony Yayo’s assault of a juvenile in his 2007 trial.

In 2008, the problems reached a boiling point when Young Buck publicly stated he had not received any royalties since signing with 50 Cent.

Young Buck was subsequently removed from the G-Unit group in April 2008, but retained as an artist on the label.

Young Buck and 50 Cent have not commented on the tape at press time.