Young Buck Has More Ammo For 50 Cent On New Diss "The Story Of Foofy"

Buck is defending himself against the G-Unit boss.

(AllHipHop News) Young Buck is not done with 50 Cent just yet.

The Nashville, Tennessee rapper continues his campaign to re-brand 50 aka "Foofty" with a new name - "Foofy."

Buck just dropped another diss record titled "The Story Of Foofy," which is a play on Jay-Z's track "The Story Of O.J."

The track accuses 50 of working with cops, and losing all his inner-circle, screwing over Kidd Kidd, and renting G-Unit, beefing with Mase over Olivia and more.

"The Story Of O.J." comes on the heels of "Foofy," which Young Buck dropped last week.

The former friends/business associates have been feuding over money or the past several years.

Young Buck claims G-Unit Record owes him millions, while 50 claims he lent Young Buck well over $300,000 to pay off debt, including his back taxes.

50 has also been disparaging Young Buck by questioning his sexuality over unproven allegations he was involved with a transexual woman.

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nobody can look hard while denying being with a tranny....Even if it's a lie, you can never look convincing. You just have to disprove it with clear facts