Young Buck Makes Moves Despite G-Unit Ouster

Young Buck may be out of 50 Cent’s G-Unit rap group, but the rapper continues to make business moves on his own as his Cashville Records imprint has inked a new deal through Decon, to release his documentary DVD, A Billion Bucks.

The A Billion Bucks double disk DVD/CD, which was shot and edited for Decon’s by Jason Goldwatch, who has worked with Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Damian Marley and others.

The DVD documents the life and times of Young Buck and the day-to-day struggles he faces as a worldwide rap star.

Viewers will watch Young Buck as he opens up his life to the camera, at the recommendation of his personal psychiatrist.

The former G-Unit rapper is featured in the DVD traveling through the South Side housing projects of Tennessee, Cuba, through the United States on a tour and even on back wood fishing excursion.

“The greatest aspect of shooting with Buck was the mutual respect and genuine curiosity that developed between us,” said Jason Goldwatch, director of the film. “We are such different people, from such different places, and over the course of our travels and experiences finding actually, we are very much the same. And the camera was there to capture the frankness, the dirt, the openness, and the realness of it all. It was an amazing experience.”

The double disc DVD/CD features 3 new unreleased music videos, six new tracks from Young Buck, C-Bo, Tha Outlawz, 615 and a complete photo gallery.

A Billion Bucks is slated to hit stores on June 10.

Young Buck will also hit the road in to support the DVD in June, shortly after the release.