Young Buck Reportedly Reacts To 50 Cent Trolling Him Over Photo With Lil Nas X

Fiddy continues to try and take down his one-time protégé.

(AllHipHop News) Last week, "Old Town Road" hitmaker Lil Nas X revealed to the world that he is a member of the LGBT+ community. The announcement was praised by some people (such as presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg), but other people mocked the 20-year-old Georgian.

Hip Hop mogul 50 Cent used the moment to troll one of his former G-Unit comrades. 50 and Young Buck have been engaged in an online feud where Buck's sexual preference was questioned. A picture featuring the Tennessee native and Lil Nas became ammo for Fiddy's latest digital attack.

"New young Buck (Fresh Out the Barn) ft Little Nas X 🔥Coming July 4," posted 50 on Instagram. However, a report by TMZ claims Buck is not concerned about his ex-boss' attempt to make fun of him with a homophobic jab.

Sources connected to Buck told the website that the photo with LNX was from June, before the rising rapper came out to the public. In addition, the pic was not apparently meant to convey the two southern rhymers were working on music together. It was just a sign of respect for the newcomer.

Buck is also said to be supportive of Lil Nas X as a person and as an artist. The 7 EP creator has had to deal with some negative reactions about his sexuality. LNX responded by uploading a picture of a cowboy emoji pointing a gun to IG with the caption, "say one more home of phobic thing to me."

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The same people hating on homosexuals were the same people hating on blacks for civil rights


😂 rappers Smh