Young City Freed From Prison, Working On New Album

Rapper Kevin "Young

City" Barnes was released from Baltimore County Detention Center on $75,000

bail last week, after being arrested on armed robbery charges stemming from an

incident in 2001. One

of the former stars of MTV's hit reality series Making The Band, Barnes was arrested

July 31 in an Atlanta, GA. suburb, after being cited for speeding in Gwinnett

County. The

rapper was held for several days before being extradited to Baltimore, MD, where

he was originally charged with the robbery offenses.Barnes

was arrested as a result of several missed summons to appear in court to answer

robbery charges he incurred in Sept. 2001. Barnes is facing seven counts of robbery,

including two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

According to the rapper's attorney Paul Gardner of the Baltimore-based Gardner

Law Group, Barnes actually robbed the two men at gunpoint with BB gun when he

was a juvenile. Barnes

will appear in court Dec. 4 to answer the charges."We

aren't worried at all," Gardner told "I know the outcome

of the trial will be acquittal."In

the meantime, the rapper is working on his latest album titled Fast Life. "I

did songs with Chingy, TI, Soulja Slim, Princess from Crime Mob," Young City

told "I didn't want to put just everybody on my album. So

I got people grinding like me on the album.” Young

City said he was no longer an artist on Bad Boy Entertainment, the label that

released Da Band's debut release Too Hot For TV. "No

bad talk about Bad Boy," Young City said diplomatically. "I was doing

music I wasn't really feeling, so I'm free now."The

first single from the album will be titled "Shut It Down." "Artists

money for the suckers," Young City said. "I'm not a rookie anymore,

I'm here now, I know how it go, so I'm waiting to shop it to people waiting."