Young Dolph Airs Out Yo Gotti, Calls Him “Ho Gotti”

These days in Memphis there’s a struggle for the top spot in the city between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti that’s playing out on social media.

(AllHipHop News) Just hours ago, rising Memphis talent Young Dolph took aim at Yo Gotti in a series of video posts airing out the fellow Memphis bred rapper.

“First thang first everybody kno it’s u HO GOTTI, dats sendin your artist out to say da lame shit he been sayin and doin ..LOL(lame)… I GUESS U STILL MAD CAUSE I DIDN’T NEVER SIGN WIT YO PUSSY ASS?.. Or is u still in your feelings cause u fail out wit Gucci Mane and u was mad at me cause I kept rockin wit Gucci.? Sound like a lotta BITCH SHIT TO ME.. How u do all dat HATIN on me, then go put da police on me????.. shit sad… U CAME IN DA GAME HATIN ON 3-6 Mafia, NOW U HATIN ON DOLPH(smh) WWF ass nixxa !! ??"

Rumors about the beef started to swirl recently when there were reports that Yo Gotti had Dolph’s car shot up by some goons.

Dolph also takes issue with Yo Gotti not showing the proper respect for Three 6 Mafia as you can see in the second post.

Also, Blac Youngsta, a member of Gotti’s CMG imprint, has been involved with several situations surrounding Young Dolph, one in which Blac showed up in Dolph’s hood in Memphis ready for beef.

Gotti didn’t condone the move by Blac Youngsta but confirmed that the beef is real with Young Dolph.

More news as this story develops.