Young Dolph Drops “Bulletproof” and “Prays For His Enemies”


As promised, Memphis rapper Young Dolph delivered his highly anticipated album Bulletproof early this morning (April 1).

by Mike Winslow
Music, News.

(AllHipHop News) Bulletproof is Young Dolph’s reply to whoever tried to kill him during a disturbing incident in late February, in which 100 bullets were fired at the rapper in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The entire album’s storyline centers around that incident, which police are still investigating.

So far, cops have yet to make any arrests although they claim to be close to solving the case and catching the triggermen who squeezed off 100 rounds on a downtown street during the CIAA weekend

Young Dolph emerged unscathed from the shooting thanks to $600,000 worth of armor outfitted on his SUV.

Dolph just single his latest video from Bulletproof called “I Pray For My Enemies.” Once again, Young Dolph addresses the shooting in the chorus of the song in which he raps:

“They tried to do me like they did Kennedy/ I ain’t mad at you, I pray for my enemies,” Dolph raps over the Zaytoven produced track.

Take a listen to “I Pray For My Enemies” and check out some snippets of Bulletproof below: