Young Dolph's Meal At Cracker Barrel Interrupted By $500K Smash & Grab Of Jewels

The rap star stopped in Georgia to eat and his lunch ended up being very expensive.

(AllHipHop News) Young Dolph took a huge L in Georgia today, to the tune of a half-a-million bucks.

According to reports, Young Dolph was jacked of several very expensive pieces of his signature jewelry, after someone broke into his car.

Apparently, Dolph was enjoying a delicious lunchtime meal, at Cracker Barrel in Fairburn, Georgia, when a thief broke smashed the window on his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

For whatever reason, Young Dolph had a large collection of jewelry in his luxury whip, including his a Richard Mille watch worth over $230,000, a Patek Philippe watch worth $85,000 and two chains worth $84,000.

Dolph also lost two pairs of Cartier frames worth a whopping $24,000, a Mac Book Pro, $2,000 in cash and a Glock handgun.