Young Dolph Says His Rivals Are Scared Of His Success

AllHipHop Staff

Young Dolph hopped on Instagram today to take more shots at whoever actually shot him.

(AllHipHop News) Memphis rap star Young Dolph addressed his enemies and seemed to imply jealousy was the motive behind a shooting that left him wounded in Los Angeles.

Young Dolph who shot multiple times outside the Loews Hollywood Hotel comma after an altercation with several assailants on September 26.

Young Dolph was knocked down and shot multiple times in the ensuing fight.

Yo Gotti was initially mentioned as a suspect, but then a 42-year-old man associated with Yo Gotti was originally charged with attempted murder and held on $1,000,000 bail.

But he was released shortly after the shooting with no charges filed as police continue to investigate.

It's been widely reported that Young Dolph's ongoing feud with Yo Gotti stems from Dolph's refusal to sign with Gotti’s label, CMG.

“I DONT LOOK FOR NONE OF U LAME RAP NIXXAS TO GIVE ME NO PROPS OR SALUTES, cause I been knowing for years that all y’all fuk nixxas been fearing my come up and scared of my success!” Young Dolph said.

“Why tho? Cause i built my own s##t wit my OWN BREAD straight out da trap and every bar I spit on these beats is my REAL LIFE!"

Young Dolph’s new album Thinking Out Loud is due to be released tomorrow (October 20).

Dolph is also selling limited edition "bulletproof" vest flak jackets with the album.

Take a look at the full post:

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Keep getn money.less announcements and more moves.


If he was eating good before the rap game, I have to respect that hustle. Now after getting popped I think he needs to calm down and be humble so that he can be here to take care of his seeds.


Hip Hop in 2017 = Street credibility is more important than talent. Due to this importance rappers are now often seeking ways to validate their credibility by doing dumb shiit. Ice Cube was not doing all that he was rapping about on that Straight Outta Compton album back in the days, but he was super talented so the shiit took off. You know what happens when imagery trumps the actual sound of the music? The music dies. Ask Taxstone (I know he's not a rapper) if the dumb shiit was worth it.