Young Jeezy Casts His First Vote; Mobbed By GA Voters

Last week, Young Jeezy ventured into a three hour-plus early voting line to cast his ballot for Democrat nominee Barack Obama, and show solidarity with his fellow Georgia citizens.

Taking time out to speak with young fans that mobbed the Atlanta star at the Adamsville voting center, Jeezy emphasized to them to push everyone they knew to exercise their constitutional rights on or before November 4.

“It’s about that time [to vote]...” Jeezy explained. “Every vote counts!”

Older residents commended Jeezy for showing that even as a multi-platinum artist he was not above closely interacting with the people that have made him one of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars.

“It was very surprising to see him,” a female voter stated. “But I love it because he ain’t too good, too wealthy or proud to come out here with his fellow people and take pictures and encourage us to keep on voting.”

This historic presidential election marks the first time Jeezy has ever voted.

According to him, the sudden change was due to realizing how his vote could directly improve the political decrees and policies enacted in his community.

“It feels good, [I] voted for the first time. If you haven’t voted yet you need to get up off yours and vote,” Jeezy stated outside the voting center. “Real talk, it’s your chance to make a change. If you don’t make a change now it’s on you. If I did it, why can’t you do it? And I stood in line for a couple hours to be exact, what’s up with that? [I’m here] in the middle of the hood, Adamsville to be exact, Westside y’all know what it is. We here, vote or die.”

Voting in Georgia has even surpassed the record turnouts predicted by analysts, with some areas reporting eight hour polling lines.

Young Jeezy previously disclosed his new philosophy on voting and the election with the celebratory, Nas collaboration “My President Is Black,” off Jeezy’s latest album The Recession.