Young Jeezy Plans Motivational Book, Snowman Clothing Line

These days literacy seems

in decline, but rapper Young Jeezy aims to do his part in getting youth to read

as the Boyz N Da Hood member prepares to release a book called "Thug Motivation


Named after his upcoming

solo debut, the book will encourage and challenge the notion that kids don’t

like to read.

"They might not read,

because there isn't anything interesting," Jeezy told "You

know, they read magazines or whatever, but n***as don't take time to sit down

and analyze s**t, break s**t down. When it's somebody that you are interested

in, you sit down and take that time."

According to a literacy

initiative by the United Nations, 860 million adults world wide are illiterate

and over 100 million children don’t go to school.

In the U.S., many youth

are performing under par, but Jeezy hopes to have some impact and educate with

his motivational guide for the Hip-Hop generation.

Primarily know for slick

raps, Jeezy said that the book offers him the chance to speak to a different

audience at greater lengths.

"With songs, you can

only put [in] so much," Jeezy said. "In books, you can get into details

and this is like a little manual. [This is] a survival guide, inspirational

s**t, because it's rough out there."

And as Boyz N Da Hood Bad

Boy opus hit stores, Jeezy is making plans on another business front with The

Snowman Clothing Line.

The line is based on the

frowning snowman logo Jeezy dons on his platinum necklace pendent and on T-shirts

throughout the south.

"I'm about to hit them

in the head with that," Jeezy said of the clothing line. "I ain't

gonna be doing no s**t just to be doing it. I'm going to make sure my s**t is

real fire."

Boyz N Da Hood's self titled

debut hit stores today (June 21).