Young MC Files Lawsuit Seeking Royalties

Rapper Young MC filed

a lawsuit against Varry White Music in Los Angeles Federal Court, alleging that

the publishing company failed to pay royalties for two hit songs the rapper wrote

for Tone Loc.

Young MC, born

Marvin Young, is best known for the 1989 hit "Bust A Move," released

on Delicious Vinyl. The song earned a Grammy Award for Best Rap Record.

The rapper, who

holds a degree in economics, also co-wrote "Wild Thing" and "Funky

Cold Medina." Varry White Music administers songs by Young MC and Tone

Loc, and various works from Delicious Vinyl's catalog.

Young authored

the songs while under contract with the company. According to the original agreement

made in 1988, Young assigned the copyrights to Varry White Music for $500 to

collect royalties on his behalf.

The rapper claims

Varry White Music has failed to provide an accurate account of the records'

royalties, which have been included in various films and commercials.

Young also contends

that Varry White refused to open their books during an independent attempt to

audit the company earlier this year.

He is seeking unspecified

punitive and compensatory damages.

Young MC Vs Varry

White Music: Page


Young MC Vs Varry White Music: Page


Young MC Vs Varry White Music: Page


Young MC Vs Varry White Music: Page