Young Thug Says Realtor Conspired To Sell Him A Crappy Mansion

Young Thug has filed a counter lawsuit against a home building company and a realtor who sold him a mansion.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Young Thug has gone on the offensive over his Atlanta, Georgia mansion

Thugger is in the middle of a lawsuit with Heritage Select Homes.

The company sued Young Thug last year, claiming he hasn't made payments on the 11,000 square-foot property and still owes them over $2 million for the house.

According to court documents, Young Thug is now claiming Heritage and his realtor conspired to sell him a home with serious problems.

According to the counter-lawsuit filed by Young Thug's lawyer, a conspiracy was hatched to use a sham inspection company which failed to uncover the defects in the house.

Young Thug claims the six-bedroom, 11 bathroom mansion has gaps in the floor and damage to the foundation.

To make matters worse, a leaky roof caused mold to grow under the rapper's indoor pool in his basement.

Young Thug is trying to have the lawsuit thrown out of court, and he's also suing Heritage Select Homes and the realtor for fraud.

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It was obviously eminem that brought about this...


what's up with cash money and their houses first birdman now thug