Young Thug Says Store Tricked Him Into Taking Free Jewelry

The rapper maintains he is a victim of a scam to get him into debt over his jewelry.

(AllHipHop News) Young Thug has an interesting reason for demanding a $350,000 lawsuit over his expensive jewelry thrown out of court.

In November of 2018, a company called Icebox Diamond And Watches sued Young Thug, saying he owed over $115,000 for an outstanding bill.

Reps for Icebox Diamond And Watches said Young Thug has paid $95,000 for jewelry, but he never returned to pay the $105,000 balance.

In a counter-claim Young Thug just filed, the Atlanta rap star claims Icebox took advantage of him by urging him to accept the expensive jewelry without paying for it.

Thug claims he took the jewelry assuming Icebox would honor their verbal promises of flexible payment terms, who reneged and sued the rapper.

Icebox Diamond And Watches want their balance, along with $250,000 in damages, plus lawyer fees.