Young Thug Wants To Know Who Might Be Snitching On Him In Drug Case

The Atlanta rapper's lawyers are going on the attack to keep Thugger out of prison.

(AllHipHop News) Young Thug's recent string of bad luck could be due to an informant.

At least, that's what his lawyers are claiming in new court documents.

Young Thug's lawyers filed a motion seeking information on anyone who may be cooperating with prosecutors because the rap star believes someone is snitching on him.

The legal maneuvering is related to Young Thug's September 2017 arrest, which ultimately resulted in him being hit with eight felony drug charges.

Young Thug wants to know if anyone is riding on him, and whether they were able to cut a deal for leniency in return for information on the rap star, who is charged with distributing methamphetamine, hydrocodone, marijuana.

In addition to the eight felony counts stemming from the arrest in Georgia, Young Thug is also facing felony weapons charges in Los Angeles.

In August, the rapper and his crew were busted following his birthday party at Dave & Busters, after cops supposedly caught them with a bunch of guns.

Thugger posted $35,000 bail and claims the "entourage" was his security, who were all licensed to carry the firearms.

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