YouTube Removes Rapper Lil Poopy Video Due To Child Services

(AllHipHop News) Less than three days after Brockton, Massachusetts police filed for a Department of Children and Families investigation of Luis Rivera "Lil Poopy" Jr.'s material, one of the nine-year old rapper's videos has been removed from YouTube.

The video, entitled "Lil Poopy getting it in" contained Poopy Jr' in sexually suggestive situations with women in a nightclub.

YouTube initially simply gave the video a content warning reading "“This video may be inappropriate for some users” along with age verification late Tuesday (Feb 26) afternoon.

According to Brockton newspaper The Enterprise, shortly after an email they sent to YouTube about the video's content warning is when the video hosting site took the video down.

The details of the video included French Montana's protegé being vocally encouraged to slap a woman's butt by surrounding adults while the woman s bent over in front of him. In another part of the video a woman is seen gyrating on the nine-year old MC.

On Monday (February 25), Poopy's father, Luis Rivera's lawyer Joseph Krowski Jr called the video "urban authentic" and "well done" while denying any criminality.

In an odd twist of logic, Poopy's most viewed video is "Pop That Remix Lil Poopy" at a current total of 428,933 views and involves Lil Poopy slapping a woman's butt as well.

"Lil Poopy getting it in" had under 10,000 views by the time it was removed from YouTube.

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