Yuckmouth Got Beef


Records rapper Yukmouth got beef. On his new

album, Thuglord: The New Testament, he openly, and graphically,

criticizes the critics and No Limit CEO Master P. Apparently,

he is still bitter over P jacking his "Ice Cream Man"

concept, a street term for selling drugs. Yukmouth’s

group, The Luniz, created the term which was manifested

on their first album, 1995's Operation Stackola. In 1996,

over a year later, Master P went on to release an album

called Ice Cream Man. On the song "Regime Killers,"

Yuk dubs Master P a "fake basketball nigga that got

dropped by the Raptors."

Yukmouth also

openly lashes at critics who claimed his heavy use of the

term "thug" mimicked Tupac Shakur too closely

as his last album, a double CD, was called Thugged Out:

The Albulation. "We Gone Ride," which features

The Outlawz, Yuk says, "Niggas think I act like ‘Pac/

Bitch nigga, I don’t rap like ‘PAC/ I just get

dap like ‘PAC/ Get love like ‘PAC/ Bring the West

back like ‘PAC" The album, Thuglord: The New Testament,

is in stores now.