Yung Berg Denies Assaulting Woman; Planning Reality Show

AllHipHop Staff

Immediately upon reading reports of the recent accusations brought against his client, Yung Berg’s manager and attorney contacted vehemently denying the allegations reported Tuesday afternoon (July 21).

Chelsea Berry, who claims she filed a police report in an LA suburb last Thursday evening (July 16), accused Berg of assaulting her while she visited the rapper at his Woodland Hills, California home last week.

Berry stated that following a brief altercation during which Berg allegedly struck her twice, then pushed her, he drove her to the top of a hill and left her stranded.

Because no arrest had been made, the LAPD’s media relations department was unable to confirm or deny the allegations when contacted. While Jeremy M. Rosen admitted that Berg did, in fact, know Chelsea Berry, he maintains that the incident she described in an exclusive interview with never happened.

“The allegations are entirely false and without merit,” Rosen told “Yung Berg would never conduct himself in such a manner. This is clearly a pathetic attempt for publicity. Let’s focus on reality, namely, Yung Berg as the multi-platinum, ASCAP Award-winning artist, songwriter and producer.”

Berg has had a less than stellar relationship with the media of late, between allegations of an assault in Detroit, an arrest on drug possession charges in Miami, and various rap beefs.

However, lately the Chicago native has been staying out of the headlines as he focuses on his career.

Earlier this year, Berg picked up two ASCAP Awards as one of the writers of the single “Sexy Can I,” which appeared on singer Ray J’s 2008 album All I Feel.

The song was recognized as an award-winning song at both the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards and the ASCAP Pop Awards. Yung Berg is currently working on his sophomore album, The Love Project, with production by Rob Holladay, who was responsible for Berg’s 2007 hit single “Sexy Lady.”

He has also begun filming a reality series titled Back To Business, which may possibly be picked up by BET, Rosen tells us. The show offers fans an inside look at the team of professionals that continues to help develop Berg’s career.

The show is expected to debut just in time to coincide with the Fall 2009 release of The Love Project. The album’s first single is expected to hit radio airwaves in September.