Yung Berg, Polow da Don Clarify Statements About Black Women

Yung Berg and Polow da Don have found themselves embroiled in controversy due to recently made statements criticizing black women.

In a radio podcast, Berg bluntly declared he was “kinda racist” and didn’t prefer “dark butts.”

In less than 10 hours, a huge backlash began as fans took the rapper to task for remarks that were deemed insensitive, ignorant, and full of self-hatred.

Others also took Berg to task for the irony of his disrespect to a significant section of his audience when much of his music is aimed towards women.

Seeking to quell the growing discontent, Berg quickly released an exclusive video apology to ( regarding his remarks.

“I want to apologize to every woman across the world,” Yung Berg told remorsefully. “I would never want to offend any women of any race because I love women so much. You can tell by the music that I make that women mean the world to me. My mother is a lovely dark skin lady…I’m totally sorry and hope I didn’t offend any of my fans that have love for YB.”

For Polow, the problems began after he was dubbed “The King/Prince of White Girls,” and stated in an interview with that “black women need to get their s**t together, period, point black. And if you’re in denial of that, you are part of the problem.”

Many interpreted these comments to mean the popular producer did not date black women, a rumor he recently cleared up.

“I never said I don’t date black women,” Polow explained to “If you can ever find that anywhere I got $100, 000 for you.”

Yung Berg is prepping the release of his debut album Look What You Made Me on August 12, featuring the singles “Do That There” and “The Business.”

Polow da Don’s latest work can be heard on Nas’s new single “Hero.”