Yung Berg Talks Arrest; New Album

Chicago rapper Yung Berg is set to record the first video for his forthcoming full-length debut album, Look What You Made Me, just weeks after his arrest in Miami during a separate video shoot.

The rapper was arrested December 21 by Miami Beach Police, after officers observed him smoking marijuana on the set of the video for singer Ray J’s latest single "Sexy Can I."

"I was shooting a music video! I was doing me, living my normal life, enjoying my holiday," Yung Berg told "We was in a Lamborghini, about to do the first shot of the day. I was smoking a blunt, but it was down to like a little roach or whatever. I threw it out the Lamborghini, the police came and picked it up, smelled the s**t. Then, me and him got into a little verbal confrontation. Then my managers and everybody came over there and started pushing and talking. Next thing I know, I was in cuffs, heading to the county."

Yung Berg, born Christian Ward, was eventually charged with a misdemeanor and released from the Miami-Dade County jail approximately six hours after being taken into custody.

The rapper is now focusing on his upcoming album Look What You Made Me, which is due out March 11 on Yung Boss/Epic Records.

The album is the follow up to his major label debut Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady EP, which spawned the hit single "Sexy Lady."

Next week, Yung Berg will be in Los Angeles, filming the video for "One Night" featuring R&B crooner Trey Songz.

"I’m more than excited, just to let people know that I got way more poppin’ than ‘Sexy Lady’," Berg told " I’m just more excited about my set up, just how I’m able to be on other people’s singles, and still have my project and my single pumping; just to have them multiple looks."

In addition to Trey Songz, Yung Berg said Look What You Made Me will feature a variety of artists, including Lil’ Wayne, Amerie and Lloyd.

"I got a lot more hits coming out," Yung Berg said. "Whoever you think your favorite artist in the game is, I damn near got a song with them and it’s on the album."