Yung Joc Blames Media; Respects Law

Yung Joc hasn't said much since his arrested at a Cleveland airport, but the rapper has broken his brief silence and now claims that the media and the public has it all wrong.

"I have the utmost respect for the laws of this country and would never deliberately commit an act that would jeopardize my freedom, my family, or my career," he said in a statement issued to the media.

Still, in an interview with an Ohio station he took a slightly different stance with the media and the reporting on the case.

"I don't care what a lot of people thought [about the case]. That's what the media will do for you. Big round of applause for the media," Joc told John Blaze of Power 107.5 FM in Columbus, OH. "Man, the media will have you believing all kinds of stuff."

The police believe Joc, a rapper signed to Bad Boy Entertainment, attempted to pass through a security at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport with a loaded semi-automatic firearm.

The rapper said that he didn't know that the gun was in his baggage. Yung Joc was about seven hours late for a court, an act that fueled rumors that he was a fugitive from justice.

The rapper said that was untrue. "Everything is great man...[they] calling me a fugitive, saying I'm on the run…come on, man," Joc said. "That's [fugitive] a powerful word though, that's a strong word. My situation was a mishap. I ain't supposed to talk about it…but hell, I'm keepin it real.

"They're slandering my character all over everywhere, I'm a 'fugitive on the run,'" Joc continued. "Get the hell out of here, man. Listen, I ain't know it was on me, I didn't even have the bag the whole trip. Boom. That's why I wasn't charged with federal charges."

The interview took place during a concert date in Columbus, were fans and media speculated that the rapper's legal status might lead to another arrest.

Joc said that his more charitable contributions get overlooked by the media, while his arrests made headlines the world over.

" I go everywhere. I go to Club Ice in Columbus. I go to the Boys and Girls Clubs all over the world. I donate a whole lot of money to charities-put that out there on the news," the 27-year-old stated.

The rapper said and his pre-Christmas arrest didn't affect his holiday nor will it prevent him from having a successful 2008.

"I'm still working, I'm still grinding. The bills still getting paid, [and] the babies' bellies is still full. Christmas was a good one. I'm going into a new year, and it's gonna be glorious. I'm good. I'm innocent. God is good," he finished.

Yung Joc was freed on $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 25.

He faces a maximum of 18 months.