Yung Joc Signs New Rappers To Swagg Team Entertainment

AllHipHop Staff

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc has signed the second act to his Swagg Team Entertainment imprint, he recently revealed to Grammy-nominated artist recently picked up the Dallas, Texas-based group GS Boys, who have already generated an impressive regional and web-based following with their single “Stanky Leg.”“I walked in the house one day, and my five-year-old daughter and my nephew asked me if I knew how to do the ‘Stanky Leg’,” Joc recounted. “It was a dance they learned off of YouTube. But when they pulled up the video, it wasn’t the group doing it, it was this little girl and her dad. And that’s what really caught my eye.”After being told about the group, also known as G-Spot, and their popularity from two other business contacts, Joc did some research and was floored by the amount of attention they had garnered through their own grassroots effort.By the time he reached out to them, they had already received over 2 million views on YouTube.The GS Boys had also landed on the Billboard charts, with “Stanky Leg” appearing on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay charts.Of course at that point they had attracted the interest of other labels as well.“I told them, ‘First and foremost, you need someone who’s gonna go in there and fight for you.’ ‘Cause you know, a lot of times if you just sign directly to a label and ain’t nobody there to fight for you, they gon’ do what they do. You need somebody they’re gonna respect as a businessman. And although I’m a rapper, the way I got my deal set up at Jive, they don’t see Yung Joc the rapper, they see Jasiel Robinson, the businessman.”Like Joc’s first signees Hot Stylz, the GS Boys’ debut will be released in 2009 through Swagg Team’s partnership with Jive Records.The group will also be developed through BMG Label Group’s incubator imprint Battery Records.Despite running both projects through Jive, Joc points out that he does not have an exclusive deal with Jive when it comes to Swagg Team.“I give them the first option to look at my artist,” he shares. “Other than that, if they pass, I take them to my next option. Actually, I would love to run some of my artist through Atlantic, which is my home. Because I think they do a good job with their artists. But I just don’t want to put all my eggs in one basked. I would hate to have my relationship with the label affected because I felt like they dropped the ball on one of my artists.”In addition to launching a more mainstream campaign for GS Boys and planning the release of Hot Stylz next single due out in January, Joc is also putting the finishing touches on his next album, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood, which is also due out next year.In related news, Yung Joc was one of several Atlanta celebrities to join local NBC affiliate WXIA-TV‘s 26th Annual Holiday Can-A-Thon on Friday (Dec 5).The event, which is the largest televised food drive in the Southeast, drew in the support of the community and thousands of children in the Atlanta Public Schools system to raise hundreds of thousands of canned goods for the less fortunate.