Yung Nudy Was Busted For Shooting A Man Three Times When 21 Savage Was Arrested

A previous incident led to the detainment of 21 Savage.

(AllHipHop News) Police were actually targeting 21 Savage's cousin Yung Nudy for his alleged role in a shooting when they caught 21 Savage, who was detained for allegedly overstaying a Visa.

The incident unfolded on Sunday, when 21 was spotted in a car with Young Nudy, who was wanted for what has been labeled as a gang-related shooting.

According to reports, Nudy is accused of shooting a man three times - twice in the hip and once in the butt - back in 2017.

When the police finally caught up with Yung Nudy, who was with 21 Savage, they ran checked his identity and found he was wanted by ICE for overstaying his VISA, which expired in 2006.

21 Savage's lawyers are working feverishly the spring the rap star from an ICE detention facility in Atlanta, where he is facing the possibility of being deported back to the UK.