Zab Judah Reps For Roc-A-Wear, Launches Label

Boxer Zab Judah, fresh off a win over the flamboyant

former WBO champion Demarcus "Chop Chop" Corley, has launched a record

label and recently inked a deal with Jay-Z and Dame Dash's Roc-A-Wear.

"I'm the first spokes/sportsmodel for the

company," Judah told "The whole thing with Jay-Z and

Zab Judah, we both feel that we offer Brooklyn. Dame's a good dude and these

dudes are about business. It's an opportunity for them to get their business

out and exposed and an opportunity for me to get exposed to the hip-hop world."

And like his fellow Brooklyn alumni Jay-Z, Judah

has aspirations of being the next record mogul, via his imprint, Super Cartel


The unique name is a derivative of his nick name,

"Super" and the word cartel. Judah has four artists, Synthero, Desperado,Young

GO and Big O already signed to the label.

The boxer has an interesting take on handling

his artists.

"These dudes are straight from the ghetto,

still in the ghetto," Judah continued. "I told them they can not get

out the ghetto until they sell some units you know what I 'm sayin', so basically

its either do or die. I feel like I'm making them work extra hard rather than

just giving it to them, making them work for it, so that later on when they

get it big they can appreciate it."

Like Roy Jones Jr., Judah said that he raps and

has even recorded some of his own material.

"I get in there when nobody is in there

and spit, you know what I'm sayin'? I got some hidden CD's, but I'm just playing

with it my main goal is boxing. I love boxing. I'm a boxer and that's where

I am with that."