Zaytoven Releasing Producers Manual For New Artists

(AllHipHop News) Producer and now published author Zaytoven recent spoke with about a new book he has coming out soon.The Atlanta produced has worked with established artists like Gucci Mane, Plies, R. Kelly, and Keri Hilson. The new book will details what he has learned in the music business. “The book is called from A to Zay and it’s a manual and autobiography for young and upcoming producers that may want to want follow in my shoes. Its really a way to show young producers the way to get in the game,” Zaytoven told Since he works mostly on his own, Zaytoven preached about the importance of selling music independently.“Its mostly, the guys that I got in the game with such as JT [the Bigga Figga]. They were all independent in the Bay. That’s the game I was taught and having my own money, is really where its at,” said Zaytoven. The producer also spoke on his recent success, having just won a BMI Award for producing the hit song "Papers" by Usher. “Its big that I had an R&B song more so than a rap record,” a surprised Zaytoven commented on his recent BMI Award. “To win that award given that I am more so known for my rap music, is a blessing.”Zaytoven has been wanting to step into the R&B world for a long time, since he grew up playing in churches on the organ and drums.“Its something that I wanted to do early in my career, and its [his R&B song] is like the first song, that song, 'Papers'” that I did. The Usher album has gone platinum so that’s my first platinum record to hang.”The producer is investing his money into a variety of businesses, including his label Familiar Territory, his company Zaytoven U.S.A., as well as a new barbershop. “It’s another thing that I have been doing, cutting hair," Zaytoven said. "It became like a way to make money, I cut people on the basketball team where I went to school and now I got the shop and its natural for me to do that because I’ve always done that.”