Zoey Dollaz Disses Joe Budden During BET Cypher; Budden Fires Back On Twitter

The Miami rapper gets "arrested" for "verbally assaulting" the 'Everyday Struggle' host.

(AllHipHop News) This year's BET Hip-Hop Awards featured Zoey Dollaz appearing in one of the cyphers. The Miami rapper spent part of his verse taking aim at Joe Budden.

"Jay told me never go Eric Benet. I say never go Joe Budden, and lose a bad chick like Tahiry all on TV," rapped Zoey.

Budden fired back on Twitter by tweeting, "Dude keep mentioning me like he can rap lol... U trash @ZoeyDollaz."

"I mean.. HOE BUDDEN," responded Zoey.

Budden then posted, "Keep that energy…. & u still trash."

Ironically, the Everyday Struggle host did not keep his same energy because he eventually deleted the tweets directed at Dollaz.

This was not the first time Zoey dissed the Slaughterhouse member in a rhyme. Back in May, the M’ap Boule creator blasted Budden during an appearance on DJ Clue's show.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Dollaz was asked if he attempted to end his beef with Budden following that Clue freestyle. His response made it very clear a resolution was not going to happen anytime soon.

AllHipHop: Earlier this year, you did a freestyle where you called out Joe Budden over his comments he made about [former Epic Records CEO] L.A. Reid. Have you had the chance to talk to him and settle that situation? Zoey Dollaz: Nah, f-ck Joe Budden.

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