Zulu Nation's Seattle Chapter Planning First Hip-Hop Celebration

The Universal Zulu

Nation's Seattle Chapter is hosting their first ever anniversary celebration of

Hip-Hop culture which will be held in Seattle, Washington , from February 17-20,


Besides celebrating the

chapter’s anniversary, they will honor Black history month and attempt

to unite the elements of Hip-Hop culture (emceeing, deejaying, break dancing,

visual art, and knowledge) together as a national summit.

The event features a break

battle for $1000 cash prize, dance showcases, turntablist and emcee performances,

art installations/galleries, and panel discussions.

The Universal Zulu Nation

was founded in 1973, in the Bronx, New York, by Hip-Hop icon Afrika Bambaataa,

using music as a tool to spread the message of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Afrika Bambaataa, members

of the Zulu Nation and groups like the Soulsonic Force, Shango, Rock Steady

Crew, D.S.T., Fab Five Freddy, Phase 2, Dondi, Futura 2000 and others, started

to travel throughout the world to spread Hip-Hop Culture.

The national conference

will have Hip-Hop supporters attending from all over the country to network

and focus on spreading a positive message throughout the world.

All proceeds will

directly benefit hungry and needy victims of the December 26th tsunami disaster.