A Hip-Hop Guide To Surviving Any Comic Con

It's Comic Con season and AllHipHop's Danielle Celeste gives some advice for those new to Geek Life.

By Danielle Celeste

(AllHipHop Opinion) Comic Con season is here like a storm that passes over several states leaving a joyful destruction in its path. Both Baltimore and New York Comic Cons took place back to back (Sep 28, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018 and Oct 4, 2018 – Oct 7, 2018 respectfully). And I was there on behalf of The Worlds Most Dangerous Site, AllHipHop.com. For someone like me, the anticipation of attending a comic con can be the equivalent of a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Day. I still feel anxious and have a hard time falling asleep the night before. If you are a cosplayer, like I am, the excitement and anguish in hoping your costume fits without a hitch is an overwhelming feeling. But with much nervousness the excitement supersedes that feeling I get in my stomach.

If you feel that you are not geeky or nerdy enough, you cannot be more wrong. I went to B-More's Con with my family, but met AHH's Chuck Creekmur there. I didn't dress up for Baltimore, which is a friendly, smaller con, but donned my Wonder Woman outfit for the coveted New York Comic Con. Those days are long gone. Attending a con nowadays can be for the “normal”. Whether you like to dress up, shop for toys and merchandise or watch the latest trailer for an upcoming movie you are in luck. There is a myriad of activities to keep every age con-goer busy. Attending a con can be stressful at first but with a little careful planning you can be well on your way to becoming a pro at this. What’s a professional con attendee you may ask? Let me give you a few tips:

1) Plan. Plan. Plan.

I cant ‘t say this enough. Plan out every detail of your day if you can. Plan out details before you actually attend. Purchasing tickets a head of time can save you money since the tickets are usually cheaper if you pre purchase. Anything from your arrival time, time spent walking the venue. Time to eat and most definitely time for a bathroom break. The latter being pretty important. Having to wait in LONG bathroom lines are not fun. And are even worst if you are in full costume.

2) Know why you are attending.

This may seem simple but in fact it can be cumbersome. I have several friends that faithfully attend cons and we all attend for very different reasons.

I for one love to meet celebrities. Usually there are celebrities on your current favorite shows or you can surprisingly find out the actress from your favorite 80s show will also be attending. Photos are my most memorable experience. There are folks that love purchasing art and being able to speak with their favorite comic book artist and get an autographed comic or two.

3) Come prepared.

You must be ready to walk long distances, to stand in long lines, to be in tight spaces and to get your picture taken if you’ve chosen to cosplay or not. Exploring exhibits can take a toll on your feet so wearing comfortable shoes and clothing is a necessity. Having energizing food and water is also a great idea. Not that there’s anything wrong with the food there, it’s just that you may want something outside of nachos, a burger or hot dog.

4) Take your time.

If you plan to attend the conference more than one day. Pace yourself. Don’t try to do everything in one day. Try to schedule panels and exhibits that are in close proximity of each other to cut down on walking.

5) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Take pictures, make friends, buy that collectible that you’ve been wanting to purchase. Attending cons can be overwhelming but I can honestly say being surrounded by all the excitement makes it all worth it. As I write this I’m actively searching for the next con I can attend and thinking of my next cosplay. AllHipHop founder, Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur, has informed me that he's booked and ready to go to the L.A. Comic Con, so this is what we do. For me, the next one can’t come soon enough!