AMAPIANO MUSIC South African house music is known for its ability to constantly reinvent itself.…

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South African house music is known for its ability to constantly reinvent itself. And 2018 has been no different. A new sound which is known as amapiano is a mix of deep house, gqom all mixed in with the jazzy,soulful sound of a piano.of Born in Soweto, a homegrown label which backed AmaPiano since its early days, Initially, Amapiano was a confined success in the townships, playing in.

Amapiano, the word being used to describe what's currently South Africa's fastest-growing electronic-music movement, belies the supposed inclusivity of having an isiZulu plural article (ama) conjoined with an English noun (~piano). It is the saying of it, where emphasis is placed, that creates and lays naked one's distance from or proximity to it in language, in culture, in history.

Amapiano, or piano to the hip, inherits its genetics from lineages of music made and popularised in the country's townships. It takes after jazz with its keys, kwaito with its basslines and harmonies, gets its drum patterns and percussion from di Bacardi and its tempo from late '90s South African house. But its demeanour - sometimes soulful, sometimes carnal, often epicurean - is all of its own making and signifies its own time.

There’s no other genre like the infamous amapiano which basically means pianos. The genre’s name is loosely descriptive of its framework around its intuitive chord progressions and sounding of piano keys. This genre has gone from inane social media feuds to a compendium of memes to making the biggest songs South Africa has ever heard. Out of all of this madness and music there is a pair of skilful individuals whose sound takes on a more technical approach to musical things. This new house-music genre has taken over the airwaves in SA - and its hitmakers intend to keep it that way