Asking? Complaining? Who Is Ready To Be An Active Change Maker?


Chandra Pitts continues to work while armchair activism is all some folks do. Here is a challenge to all.

By Chandra Pitts, of


Yes. They're killing our kids without justice. Incarcerating at a rate higher than anytime in history. The schools are failing our children. Generations are being lost to the violence of poverty.

But WHAT ARE WE DOING?? First, we're going to STOP ASKING. Like 50 years ago today when young leaders fighting for justice led uprisings in cities from Wilmington to Watts; our city is burning right now. And this time  WE'RE CALLING IN THE CALVARY!

This is not a call to another rally, march or meeting. This is a call to action to everyone who ever wanted to DO SOMETHING; to bring your time, talent and treasure to the heart of the people who need us the most. We're opening our doors 24/7, not simply to offer free use our 4 story state of the art space, but genuinely collaborative PARTNERSHIP with ANYONE with ANYTHING to offer toward the benefit of our community.

Many are already doing something. But we need more collaboration! You already know what's been burning in your spirit. Your desire to mentor; speak to girls; guide young men; start 'your own' program; teach etiquette, art, chess, cooking, sewing, computers. Let neither your ego nor feelings of inadequacy stop you! Bring your friends, family, your brotherhood, your children and get involved together. Maybe you just want to help but don't know where you fit in. Link with me at (or click here) to be an ACTIVE part of the solution.

Together, we are creating that much needed Juvenile Re-Entry Center, Safe Haven for Drop-Outs, and Creative Enterprise Space to grow youth into their true greatness through education, entrepreneurship and the arts...

Let's break records in a positive way this summer!! Many are PRAYING. Now let's get off our knees and ACT! Being "Christ-like" means being in the community; in these streets SERVING. Let me know if you want to be a part of #THESOMETHING. WE are the answer to our prayers! #wearethevillage

1 Timothy 4:12 - Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers AN EXAMPLE in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

Editor's Note: Chandra Pitts is a speaker and community activist that works in the Delaware and New Jersey areas, but its know to activate anywhere injustice resides.