Country Music Awards Does Something More Racist To Beyoncé Than The Racists!


Racism is so very alive. You gotta hate it! However, maybe they don't hate it. Maybe they love it, actually! Recently, Beyoncé performed at the Country Music Awards to the chagrin of trailer parks all over the country. I guess it doesn't matter that Black people created country music, they are just going to steamroll that with PURE RACISM. So, the comments that the CMA had to deal with were crazy and it was all because of Beyonce. It was B's fault, right?

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Why would you say that, bro? I say that because the CMA decided to ERASE ALL MENTION OF BEYONCE ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA AND EVERYTHING ELSE. Everything else: Beyoncé’s performance with the Dixie Chicks was vamoosed from Country Music Association’s website, Facebook, Twitter account. Tweets and Facebook posts that included Beyoncé - GONE! Why? So they could somehow delete racism too? What did Beyoncé do except get them more viewers? Or did they use her and toss her aside once they got what they needed? Regardless its corny and more dangerously, dismissive of the horrendous racism in their viewership. Wouldn't it be better to disown and diss that sort of backlash?

Nah, delete the Black chick that happens to be one of the biggest stars in the universe.

The only way you can now watch Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks on-demand is on the ABC website. If they could, I bet they would delete that too.