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Don Trump Is Impotent

A Class-A blowhard since he stormed the beaches of Florida and Studio 54, bankrupted his way to fame and fortune and now --

By Wynne Alexander
©opyright August 15, 2017

Don Trump, a man who desperately wanted to be important, is now Impotent.

And the Washington that he returns to – knows it.

The sludge and scourge of the real estate market is now the menace in the White House.

The Trump walls actually began shaking on July 26, 2017.

But his fate as Impotent lame duck for the next 3 ½ years, was set in motion publically on July 27 through the 28th, 2017 when all 4 branches of the military and the Joint Chiefs were blind-sided by and then ignored Trump’s tweeted directive against banning Trangenders on active military duty which he did just to appease his bass base. Now we know, that was also the day after the FBI whacked Paul Manafort in a wildly unusual pre-dawn raid at his house, seizing God knows how many documents and computers. The American people were not told it happened on that day. It was a properly kept, grand jury secret. We found out officially weeks later on August 9, 2017. We now see the Trump-trash-tweet-method plain as day. Trump no doubt knew of that raid and sought to whack the Trans folks in the military as a diversion. Funny because he had already begun his assault against Sen. J Beauregard Sessions, his onetime boon loyal attorney general. Trump attacked Sessions constantly for days on end. In doing that, Trump angered every senator he ever knew. The Senate is a family of rich and powerful guys and dolls.
Homey don’t play that.

The Senate condemnation of Trump’s Sessions-attacks also spurred assurances that Special Prosecutor, Bob Mueller is fully protected. Trump best not say another word about firing Mueller because thanks to Trump’s latest moves, Mueller is here to stay.

The Senate of the United States said so.

Separate and Equal branches of government Don Trump. Read the Unites States Constitution that Khizr Khan offered to give you. And Don Trump, you are impotent to do anything about the investigation into your gelding love affair with Russia.

Pretty girls know about guys like Don Trump. When they talk that much – they ain’t getting any. Goes for the money too. The more the talk – the less there is.

Then, in the wee hours of Friday July 28, the Senate voted ‘No’ AGAIN to another brutal version of TrumpCare. Senator John McCain cast the deciding, crippling vote with a defiant stroll to the podium and slam-dunk gesture, after jetting into town from Arizona, fresh from brain surgery in one of his biggest displays of heroism ever. You Go John McCain! And Thank You Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowsky too.

Trump is now attacking Sen. Mitch McConnell who has embarrassed himself no end for Don Trump. That’s right, he turned on McConnell and Sessions. How does it feel now boys?

How’s your pro-Trump truss fitting now, you human athletic supporters.

Then Don Trump tries to start a war with North Korea just to cover the tracks of his being IMPOTENT. He has jeopardized our allies in South Korea and Japan just because here at home he knows he has lost everyone who could have fraudulently made him a slight success.

He’s turned on them all.

Then comes Charlottesville Virginia.

Oh My God what a brazen coward is Don Trump.

A young woman, a freedom fighter dies standing up for her country’s highest ideals and what does Trump do?

Blames the victims of the fascist attack-just like the Nazis did. False equivalencies giving power to the violent white supremacist traitors.

Trump – so quick to slam and hammer J. Beauregard Sessions, so quick to call Senator Mitch McConnell out for the abysmal health care performance and calling Senator John McCain a non-hero and attacking his domestic heroism vote on healthcare. The Trump attacks on Senator Lisa Murkowski, who showed Trump what real guts and power look like. Insane that he attacked Senator Murkowski and his attempted underhanded strong-arming of her was immediately exposed and she beat him. He calls all of them all sorts of stuff plus countless condemnations of the Press Corps - but murderous violence ? That he manages to stay silent about.

You are a shameless disgrace to humanity Don Trump. A gutless wonder.

New waves are in motion Don Trump. Reuters reporting the CEO of Merck jumps ship, resigning from your Manufacturing Council followed by the CEO of Under Armour and the CEO of Intel Corp. And then Trump immediately tweets nasty comments at the Black man who heads Merck. But you don’t have the backbone to call your nazi-klan friends out on anything. The Press is ‘bad’ but what about your Nazi, KKK white supremacist friends and colleagues?

Hey Sheldon Adelson – how do you feel about your boy Trump now? All those anti-Jewish chants, neo Nazis everywhere and then a murder in Charlottesville, Virginia and your boy couldn’t get up the guts to condemn it for 48 long hours with all the pressure in the world bearing down on his pudgy orange face. Where are you and your misspent millions now Sheldon? I want an interview boychick. How does it feel to have those neo nazis all around your insane investment?

It’s a sad day in hell when conservative Senator Orin Hatch has to tweet about his dead brother who died fighting Nazis to remind a U-S president that he is supposed to oppose all Nazis. Can you imagine being so stupid you have to be reminded of that?
Don Trump can.

He’s that ignorant and now, he’s that impotent. His ‘friends’ are deserting him in droves.

Neo Nazis in the Whiter than White House

Steve Bannon – you call that an adviser?

Tax payers should not have to pay the salaries of white supremacists like Bannon-$179,000 and Stephen Miller- another $179,000 and your imported nazi from Hungary, Sebastien Gorka who makes $155, 000 dollars a year.

All of them should be fired immediately.

No Nazis in the White House - no matter how white it is.

And the American taxpayer should not have to pay over $513,000 plus health care benefits, to keep those whiter than white boys. American taxpayers should file a taxpayer lawsuit refusing to pay for Nazis in the White House.

It’s bad enough you’re there Don Trump and who knows how long that’s going to last.

Generals Kelly, McMasters and Mattis look like the press conference crew who will announce, ‘The country is in good hands’ as you’re carted off for legal or medical examinations.

Back to Charlottesville and your eternal Permanent Record Card:

Don Trump you are a shameless coward - Saturday - tick tock - 1 hour - 4 hours
Tick tock - 15 hours - 24 hours – tick tock - Shameless Silence Don Trump. Tick tock - 48 hours to tell neo nazis and KKK members they are a disgrace to America. And Trump never really did that. All he said was he condemns what they did on Saturday August 12, 2017. But of course it’s what Don Trump didn’t say. It’s the flood of condemnation against him and how long it took him to figure out he screwed up AGAIN.

In Monday’s second press conference on Charlottesville, Trump claimed he condemned something on Saturday. He did not. Watch the tape. He tries to run that exculpatory crap of his all the time. It won’t work Don Trump. And even two days later, he only condemned the racists on that day. He did not call them enemies of the United States’ highest ideals in general.

He also claimed he ‘said it all before.’ He did not.

He did finally say, what the generals told him to say. Period.

He never once said he was personally outraged by such reprehensible behavior like Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany was quick to do. Score another ace for the real moral leader of the Free World.

Bi-partisan, multiple Presidential adviser David Gergen said it best after Trump attacked Black CEO, Kenneth Frazier of the Merck pharmaceutical empire, who had to resign from Trump’s Manufacturing Council because of Trump’s horrible Charlottesville behavior.

Gergen on CNN Monday night, August 14, 2017:

“Trump unleashed this terrible attack on [Frazier] an African American CEO, one of the only ones in the country…one had the sense that his statement today about Charlottesville was grudging and not very authentic. And the real Donald Trump, the authentic Donald Trump is the one we saw in the tweets [attacking Frazier]. ...He [Trump] said he wants to bring love, not hatred, to the country… good…but he [Trump] needs to deal with the hatred in his own heart if he wants to bring more love to the country.”

BOOM. [By the way – could we draft Gergen to run for president?]

Trump can call the Media ‘bad people’ but no such words against neo nazi and kkk leaders and their followers. Good luck Don Trump . You’re impotent and your Achilles heel is next.

Your finances.

They’re bad Don Trump.

But you already know that.

And soon – we’re all going to know just how bad your finances really are.

It took Trump 2 full days to figure out his initial Charlottesville statement was a shocking disaster and actually condoned the KKK-Neo Nazi march and ideology. Even on Monday after taking credit for an economy that was years in the making, Trump did not condemn the fascist groups and their crazy, dangerous race ideas. He did not express personal outrage at a MURDER.

A mother lost her daughter Don. Can you get that?
And in years to come, the name Heather Heyer will be remembered with far more reverence and respect than yours, Don Trump.

Trump is so morally and intellectually deficient, he does not see that whether it's Isis or his fascist supporters - using a car as a deadly assault weapon, that attack on innocent people, is terrorism. Trump should be MORTIFIED that the white supremacists are wearing his hats at their hate rallies and reminding him they put him in office.

Herr Trump - why don't you sell your boys some more hats, since you don't care how you make your money.

You're an amazing coward Don Trump and when you return to the nation’s capital after your most recent imbecilic blunders at taxpayer expense, you will be returning to a new Washington. The Washington that knows you are completely IMPOTENT. You're done Don Trump – and that portly, gone-to-seed look of yours tells the whole story doesn't it. That's why you brag so much – cause you're actually impotent. And because you're impotent, you're going to cause heartache and fear for us and our allies, South Korea and Japan, while you blunder around the North Korea question with teenaged trash-talk of weaponry and how big your subpoenas are, when there are a hundred new ways to seek a non-war solution to the scary riddle posed by Kim Jung Un. For God’s sake send him all the wine and Swiss Emmental cheese he craves and a dozen Dennis Rodmans. What’s wrong with you? What am I paying you for? Talk it over instead of sparring from freshly painted corners and frightening the entire world.

Poor Don Trump. People are so mean to you. How dare they expect you to do the right thing? How dare they expect you to immediately recognize a murder in broad daylight perpetrated by white supremacist violence and home-grown terrorism? How dare they expect anti-fascist leadership from you? They must have forgotten your father’s documented racism and KKK activities in New York. You just did what your racist father taught you, like the dumb, dutiful son of a Reich you are.

Happy Trails Don Trump as you ride into the sunset. …Trust your horse has more sense and moral fiber than you do, because you are a heavy load.