Hip-Hop Honors Goes Really Weird With Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey has a lot of Hip-Hop adjacent songs, but does she deserve a Hip-Hop Honor?

(AllHipHop Opinion) Somehow Mariah Carey has been chosen to receive accolades at the upcoming Hip-Hop Honors. (((Scooby Doo Face))) The event offers the throwback theme of Hip Hop Honors: The 90’s Game Changers. How, Sway? Mariah came out and she was a very cute and doll-like siren in the 90's. Then, as HIp-Hop grew, she embraced the genre it to stay buoyant and maybe thumb big time record exec (and her ex) Tommy Mottola in the eye. Gotta give her credit for showing much love to Ol Dirty Bastard. She supported Dirty Dog until he passed. BUT...should Mariah get a Hip-Hop Honor when there are still several boatload of Hip-Hop artists that have NOT gotten that look? I get it: this is about selling ads and getting ratings. This isn’t the way. They are also honoring Martin Lawrence. While that’s the homie and a huge Hip-Hop head, this is still wrong. This has to be a joke. Kool G Rap has yet to be honored. Perhaps they will do right by Prodigy, because that's the real 90's game changer for Hip-Hop.

Anyway, here are some of Mariah's Hip-Hop Hits.







The show hits radio waves, I mean TV, on September 18.

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I get you, You want BET to recognize classic hip hop artists. But cant deny Mariah change the game with hip hop. She along with Mary J and Lauryn Hill are female pioneers of the genre regardless of who went unrecognized.


When you don't own it, they will tell it anyway they want to.