How Drake’s New Movement Can Catch On With The People!


Drake has the power to make The Durag more of a cultural force than it already is. Here's the way!

(AllHipHop Opinion) Drake’s apparently got a new movement and he wants to bring an old favorite back. THE DURAG. Now, for those that don’t know, The Durag is a staple in the American Black Community. I cannot speak for Canadians, but where I come from - back in the day - brothers wanted those waves. There was only one way (that I knew of) to force your coarse hair to bend to your will - the Durag! (I have to confess my African hair is too powerful for even the mightiest Durag.) And then later, something changed…The Durag became fashion. So, it is now the year 2017 and the Durag is mostly a piece of hood nostalgia. Drake, however is looking to bring it all the way back, it seems.

The Durag.

Peep the FLOW.

I realize now that his new thing isn’t brand new for the T-Dot General, just relatively new. And I know Drake can do it. I know he can….he just needs to link up with a few people and do a few things.

1) The Durag Dynasty.

A few short years ago, The Durag Dynasty was cranking out a steady stream of hardcore Hip-Hop and they were rocking that Durag faithfully. For some reason, it has faded out but Drake can potentially shore up the Hip-Hop base and re-authenticate the movement. The Durag Dynasty were converting people all in the hood. I love these dudes for a number of reasons, including the love of the intensity they exude in their music.

2) Link With Ras Kass

Before Drake heard of a Durag, there was Ras Kass. Now Ras Kass was real with his Durag…and the waves under it caused motion sickness! On top of that, he continues to be a spitter that rapped with everybody from Dr. Dre to Xzibit to everybody! He’s nice! Drake needs to join forces with this underground b-boy West Coast legend!

3) Bring Back #DuragHistoryWeek

A few short years ago, the Durag was all up in the mainstream and for a brief moment, there was Durag HistoryWeek. What a glorious day, or week! People from all over celebrated the African American cultural relic!

(Editor's Note: I know some have tried to bring it back, but it just ain't the same as 2015.)

4) Get At Eminem

This is a risky one, but Ras Kass might be too underground for Drizzy at this point. However, Eminem was an avid Durag Wearer despite the fact that he was completely and genetically unable to get waves. This is definitely when the Durag jumped the shark. Some people loved it and others loathed it. YET - it meant one thing: The Durag was here to stay. Drake can link up with Eminem and the two titans and extol the virtues of the Durag together and take over the world.


5) Turn Durag Culture Into Commerce

Drake’s apparent fascination with The Durag (always capitalized) has been apparent for quite some time. Earlier this year, he did a commercial with Virginia Black whiskey. Drizzy and pops Mr. Dennis Graham make fun of “the most interesting man in the world” and then make a not-so-subtle homage to the Durag. “What’s under my du-rag? Another du-rag,” says Father Graham in the ad, which we gleefully promoted without getting a single red cent. The point is, there is money to be made in this culture and Drake spawned others to follow suit in comedy, music, movies, culture and more.





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One of the deepest rap songs ever @Noname1


Nature of the Threat


Drake ain't sportin it right lol