Kanye West: Distraction, Sick Or Genius Album Promo? AllHipHop Talks!

Some members of the AllHipHop Team gathered round the media fire and talked Kanye West.

(AllHipHop Opinion) KANYE WEST. We know. We know it is a distraction. Puerto Rico, knows, as the good people of the U.S. territory are embroiled in a scenario that most resembles marital law. We know that is is damn near asinine, some of the remarks we have heard. Net Neutrality is still on the table even though most people don't realize it. We know that there is a forthcoming album and this is all promoting it with the absence of really good music. And yet, here we are. Earlier this week, we finally crumbled and decided to convene a few of the team members to offer their views on Kanye West. Chuck Creekmur, Miss Lissa and J.So, who have worked tirelessly, decided to take time out of their calendar to discuss Mr. West and the proverbial sh#t storm that surrounds the rapper.

Still, there are bigger implications surrounding what seems like - on the surface - a big, fat distraction. What forced us to this place was the profound, almost criminal, idea that enslaved Africans simply opted to in to their way of life here in America. Clearly, the choices were limited to death or a life in shackles, tortured or worse. Check out the conversation and then...by all means, comment. Now, Trump is thanking Kanye for a rise in his poll numbers. Kanye once said, “If you can’t be used, then you are useless.” Truer words have never been spoken.

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Y'all need a proofreader, ASAP!!!