Kanye West's Alter-Ego Koonye West Is In His Natural Habitat, The Sunken Place


Kanye West has set off a firestorm of controversy after proclaiming his love for Donald Trump. Ironside Hex goes in.

By Ironside Hex

(AllHipHop Opinions) Editor's Note: Ironside hex is a friend of the site, but he speaks for himself and he also has the unique privilege of being unedited by our team. This is grammatical safe space for the Detroit native, but his opinions are his own. Here is shares his unique view on Kanye West.

I haven't f##ked with Kanye West since "GRADUATION". He lost me with that "808's" shit, although there were some hot joints on MBDTF, I must admit. "RUNAWAY", "MONSTER", "SO APPALLED" & "ALL OF THE LIGHTS" are records that should be mandatory listening for anyone who says they love Hip-Hop / rap. This is also when the cracks in his armor got more pronounced, more visible. He embraced being hailed as a genius & even described himself as such - OFTEN. Kanye became the poster boy for conceit & extreme self-love. It started to looked like the pressure of trying to live up to his own expectations was getting to him. His interviews became more erratic, he was saying all kinds of wild sh#t. Kanye actually said that he & Don C were the reason retro Air Jordans were popular.


He had been bugging out for years prior, but back then he was using his power for good. Like a black superhero, a melanin-infused, self-proclaimed Ozymandias, telling the truth on Bush43 in 2005 & showing up Taylor Swift in the name of Beyonce at the 2006 VMA's. You know what they say though. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself turn into a villain.

Kanye didn't die.

His alter-ego Koonye slowly began to take over.

I tried to ignore Koonye's increasingly self-absorbed behavior, the unhinged rants, his obvious Messiah complex.
I knew we were in dire straits when Koonye started fucking w/ Kim Kardashian after meddling in her second marriage like a Russian in our elections. My worst fears came true when he married her in 2014.

Jesus Christ.

I thought, "Ok, here we go."

The same dude that warned Black women that when a Black guy 'gets on' he'll "LEAVE YO ASS FOR A WHITE GIRL", married the ultimate symbol of culture appropriation.


That's why we shouldn't be surprised by Koonye liking how Candace Owens thinks. For those who don't know, Candace Owens is like a Black Tomi Lahren. Remember, Koonye had Stacey Dash in the video for "ALL FALLS DOWN" in 2003, before we knew what a coon she was.

Makes more sense now, doesn't it?

After Koonye finally went to get some help for some mental problems, he made a beeline for Trump, looking like one of the Golden Lords from Meteor Man. Therefore I honestly wasn't too shocked that he would like the brainwave pattern of someone who disparages Black people every chance she gets. Owen is one of those coons that insults Blacks under the guise of "trying to help Black people get off the Democrat plantation". It's telling that the same horrible people who referred to Kanye as a thug when he put 43 (G.W. Bush) on Front St, and when he interrupted Swift now love Koonye and sing his praises for mentioning this abomination of a human.

Coondace Owens uses her own Black skin as both sword & shield, simultaneously. She's like @gopblackchick 2.0. The Alt-Right loves her because they think her skin makes her beyond reproach & she can say the shit they wish they could. Actor Tom Arnold even tweeted that Owens LITERALLY thinks that Trump is The Messiah, NOT Koonye.

That should get his attention.

For the record, I just want to say "FUCK THAT B#TCH". No™ good can come of Koonye promoting that hoe or her goofy-ass thought process.

That shit is dangerous as fuck.

A lot of impressionable Black kids look up to Koonye West.

They buy his records & his shoes (his clothes not so much).

They deserve better.

I'm hoping that this shit is just a publicity stunt to promote his album. He's saying crazy sh#t to Ebro like "I LOVE DONALD TRUMP", he parted ways with his manager, Scooter Braun. He sent out an ominous tweet, "2024", reigniting thoughts that he may be thinking of making a presidential run. The media needs to stop entertaining that stupid sh#t RIGHT NOW, although since Trump made it into the Oval Office I assume that even a retarded monkey can be president. I don't want to dismiss all of his weirdo behavior as Koonye being "off his meds" or make some other excuse for him. He also tweeted that he's working on a bunch of new projects, including Pusha T & a new Nas record. That's good for Hip-Hop, because Kanye is dope. I won't be f#cking with anything that has his finger prints on it but I'm sure that there are plenty of Stanley's who will.

Good for you.

I just want Kanye to make another "JESUS WALKS", tell Amerikkka's singing sweetheart of the moment to shut up at an awards show, & to appear at a Black Lives Matter rally & tell us that Donald Trump doesn't care about Black people. This current Koonye version of Kanye West doesn't even look remotely familiar to me.

I don't know who the fuck he is.

I want the old Kanye back. Before he joined the Kardashian cult, before he painted his hair, even before the shoes.

Before I had to call him Koonye.

By Koonye saying he likes the way someone like Coondace Owens thinks and by saying he loves Trump means he either agrees with Trump's overt racism or ignores it. I can't support that sh#t, I don't care how great your beats are.

If you wear Yeezy's, stay the f#ck from around me.

- ironsidehex

IG: @ironside.hex