Michael Fang Did you hear about this upcoming star Michael Fang? He’s a hit according to public…


Michael Fang Did you hear about this upcoming star Michael Fang? He’s a hit according to public opinion. Michael Fang real name is Udeme Michael Afangideh. His mother’s name is Anna and his father’s name is Dominic. He was born in the beautiful city of Houston, in the state of Texas. He is the eldest in his family and is the first born US from his immigrant family. He started the journey of his study around the age of 5. He joined the Private Baptist Academy initially but was not able to continue it as he couldn’t adapt to the school’s environment. Private Baptist Academy expelled him in 2003. He then started studying in Magnet Middle School. He learned about arts and since then decided to chase it as a career. He then started to attend theater classes. Michael got his degree in advertising from the renowned university of Texas. Fang was fan of art and music from his childhood but had a great affection towards performing arts. His first career began with his friend Chigo Ace. Chigo Ace showed Fang the world of Hip Hop. As Chigo Ace Himself was a Hip hop dancer but their future towards Hip Hop wasn’t great so they left that field. They both were sent to jail. Where they wrote their own song in the free time. After they got out of jail they reached out to different record labels to release their song but companies didn’t pay any attention. This didn’t crush Fang’s dreams. Fang kept his dedication with music and learned audio engineering on his own. With help from his friend Fang managed to construct his own Recording studio. He and His friend still use that studio today. They also provide chances to other local artists. At the current time Flang has 4 songs. His first song ‘first pill’ was a huge success on Soundcloud. Background sound of this song was provided by his loyal friend Chigo Ace. His 2nd song ‘Now’ from the album ‘My Side” was made available to public on 2nd November in 2017. After that Fang released his most hit song ‘Fleek’ next year on 24th august in 2018. This song boosted his career greatly. He released his latest song this June called ‘party’. Other artist are now also collaborating with our Rap sensation Fang. One of his best collaboration with Darcwav in his song called ‘Pharaoh’s Drop Freestyle’. His collaboration with Kxng frvnk in His song ‘Treez’ also pleased the public very much. Fang’s catchy tunes make him a star in the eye of the public. Michael Fang’s unique rap style is also on a whole new level. Fang says he auto tunes his voice in songs but the fans still love it and are looking for more from him. His fans say Fang’s songs tell a story about his past. Whether you see or not Michael Fang is a fan favorite star and his crowd loves him. Fang’s career is on a non-stop rise and there are no chances of his career coming down any time soon