Monday Motivation: Dedication To The Champs!


Ashton Burrell gives you your weekly does of Monday Motivation.

By Ashton Burrell

(AllHipHop Opinion) As we begin a new week its a thought that is running through my mind. After scrolling through social media and seeing all of my fellow Eagles fans happy and excited a word came to my head. That word is proceed. You see even though I didn't watch games this season of the NFL having social media allowed you to stay up to date on what was going on. The Eagles lost their star quarterback who was having an amazing season.
Once he went down I saw a shift change of people saying oh its over for them. But the Eagles went to dig a little deeper to not get down by this but to get motivated. They got so motivated that they went on to become the 2018 super bowl champs. That is exactly how we have to proceed with our life.

Sometimes we are going to fall down and people are going to
talk when your down and count you out. Even though we are down we must find motivation within ourselves that will allow us to win our super bowl of life! Life isn't going to be easy at all and on your way to the ultimate goal you are going to lose battles. Even though you may lose you must get up and proceed on to make sure you get your championship of life.