Never Forget: When Mike Tyson Manhandled Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana and Mike Tyson had an awkward interaction once upon a time and here we reflect. #TBT

(AllHipHop Opinion) Now, of course I don’t know what the real deal is, but this image always was funny af to me. It ain’t no rumor folks, this happened:

Now, come of the questions.

What was going on in Juelz Santana’s mind when Mike Tyson grabbed his wrist? Look at his eyes!

Was he scared?

What was Mike Tyson thinking when he did the act? What did it mean?

What did the rest of Dipset think?

Did they have jokes for Juelz? Do they still have jokes?

Did Juelz suffer any sort of residual shock or fear?

Did he think Mike would hook off on him if he did anything like reclaim his wrist?

Was any gangsta lost in this act of manhandling?

Anyway, this moment will never get past me and I will always remember it. Yes, I get some laughs out of it, but more often I am intrigued and interested in the back story. I believe there is a small piece of my soul that will be unsatisfied until I know what the truth is. Until then, an endless swirl of scenarios transverse in my brain.

Funny shit... but I'm more concerned with Choke No Jokes shitty logo.. he needs some help with that.

Mike was prolly drinking or something, but that ish was funny lol... Before Mike met Cus and became a boxer Mike was a street bully and use to strong arm rob people. Mike was 12-13 years old knocking out grown men. Mike is just a beast, he prolly had a flashback lol. Years ago in Los Angeles at the Forum, Mike is staggering down the aisle with a bottle of Henny someone bumped into Mike they had words and Mike knocked him, then Mike staggered on to his seat at the concert. Mind you Mike was the only person in there with his own bottle, everyone else had to buy from the venue.


No Juelz Santana

You can see it in his eyes Juezl was shook