Opinion: What Cardi B's Massive Co-Sign Really Means

Oprah Winfrey is a Cardi B fan, and...that's not a bad thing.

By Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur

(AllHipHop Opinion) Oprah Winfrey is now a Cardi B fan. Think about that for a few.

I, for one, ain't mad. Other people - not so much. Cardi is a phenom that may soon be inescapable, regardless of your feelings. I like her a lot, in a large part because I met her. I found her to be extremely cool and humble. At this point, she had just started her trek to rap fame, acclaim and controversy.

Fact is, the Bronx native's story is compelling and universal. She is the consummate underdog. Oprah knows that. The billionaire queen of media (and a lot more) ain't stupid by ANY stretch of the imagination. A few years ago, this would have been a ABERRATION from anything redeeming, feminist and diametrically opposed to O's brand.

Once upon a time, Oprah’s stance on Hip-Hop was that of extreme disdain. It was a “thing,” as they say. In the past few years, Hip-Hop has matured, and to some extent so has Oprah. Its 2018. Things change. People change.

Cardi is here, but she’ll change too. Give it some time.

Let me go listen to Invasion of Privacy.

Thanks a lot for your comments. I appreciate it, brother. I thank you for taking the time to tell me how you feel.

Cardi B is a horrible look for Black and Brown women in this country. White folks and all the people making money off of her are laughing at her and un-woke Black folk are lapping the ignorance up and not realizing how the media is further conditioning them and normalizing ignorance and stupidity. Oprah co-signing this mess is no surprise, as she is definitely not a friend to black folks and a great tool for white folks, kinda like the slave that carries out the master's plan without the master saying a word. And Cardi is also a horrible look for female MC's, as she brings no substance to the table; why can't Rapsody get the same attention and love?


After reading these comments I guess I'm not alone in my sentiments. Y'all said enough about the image this is conveying. I'm just gone endorse the feelings. Somebody call Nas "Hip Hop is having another heart attack"


Oprah has yet to co-sign this broad. Whomever runs the ig page of Oprah's magazine simply captioned a picture of Oprah wearing headphones saying "listening to that new Cardi b album" lool..the words did not come from Oprah herself. Spewing lies for what?

How smart are you to think that something as polarizing as a character like Cardi B could show up on Oprah's OFFICIAL IG and she not know or have signed off on it. You clearly don't know a lot about people like Oprah. @missmeWittheBS