"Seven Seconds" Tackles Police Corruption And Race On Netflix


A new Netflix series offers a riveting take on Black Lives Matter and police corruption.

(AllHipHop Opinion) So, the other day something dope happened. I was lured into checking out a new movie-or so I thought. But “Seven Seconds” ended, I was dying to see more. I soon realized its a series on Netflix. Wow. The series stars Regina King, Clare Hope-Ashitey, Russell Hornsby and a stellar cast of characters. The mystery centers on a prosecutor that ends up investigating the police after a Black boy is run over by a cop car. From the onset of the movie, we know exactly who did the crime and that he is guilty. What we do not realize is that the efforts to cover up the act spiral deep down the rabbit hole of injustice. Clare, who plays K. J. Harper, inadvertently becomes charged with solving the crime even though police want her to do their bidding - covering it up.

On the personal side, Clare also starred in one of the best movies ever 2006's “Children of Men,” which tells a sullen tale of a bleak Dystopian future. She was much younger then, but it’s one of my favorite flicks - very deep and has increased relevance over time! And we share the same birthday so Aquarius Season continues.

Lastly, I also had a great chat with “Seven Seconds” writer and creator Veena Sud too, who ensured diversity in the creation of the show. The series hits Netflix this Friday February 23 and is absolutely bing-worthy, even though it’s tough subject matter. This show will continue dialogue around the issues of race in America.