Sex Tapes We Wish We Never Saw and NEVER SAW

The whole rap game has been shaken up, but these latest sex tape allegations. So, I felt it was time to get down to the nitty gritty and count down the worst and best Hip-Hop Sex Tapes.


We’ve never seen the tape of Mystikal having sex with a former stylist, but we know it is one of the worst, because it landed the former No Limit Soldier in the slammer for several years. He’s working on a comeback now.

Rick Ross

Thank goodness for low resolution! The world has been greatly entertained by the prospect of a Rick Ross sex tape, but fortunately it is so blurry that nobody has really SEEN it. This is good. The big man has not addressed the allegations that he is the man in the hotel room. Only God knows how he’ll address this one.


There’s really no need to speak on this one, but you already know the deal. Nobody wanted to see that, even out of burning curiosity.

50 Cent

50 didn’t really have a sex tape,but he had a sex scene the men really didn’t need to be subjected to. I guess that is why that part of the movie “Before I Self Destruct” was cut out.


Ray-J is a good dude that has somehow managed to navigate the rigors of the music industry and entertainment. One of the main reasons he’s gotten that super bump in notoriety is due to a sex video with Kim Kardashian. The only problem is Ray-J was also in the video with Kim Kardashian.

Sex Tapes We Never Really Got To See

Nicki Minaj

Earlier this year, there was a powerful rumor (or lie) that a Nicki Minaj sex tape was about to hit the internet. That was a fan favorite even though nobody saw it. Lo and behold, it never happened. A collective fail for the internets.


2008 was the year that people got a chance to see what Eve was working with in her own sex tape starring, her a vibrating device and an ex-boyfriend. The video clocked in at an underwhelming 19 seconds, perhaps that was for the best. Eve’s 90’s past as a stripper has added to her lure even though she was never married to that image.


Trina is another former exotic dancer that was rumored to have a sex tape, but it never materialized. After her phone was stolen, there was the threat of a “tape,” but all pervs got was a few illicit pictures.


People just wanted to say “Nas Lost” in their desire to see a Kelis sex tape. The video rumors were powerful, but nothing ever happened, which is good for their son Knight.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Was it ever real? Star Magazine published a story on March 19, 2009 and it got the rumor started. The magazine reported that a sex tape was out there and that Rihanna’s family was extremely concerned. Rumor said, Rihanna dressed up as a dominatrix and would dominate Chris Brown. The fact is, there were no facts. No tape was ever authenticated.